Monday, 13 November 2017

Distopian opening (draft)

It was bright cold day in April. Next month would be the last month of our dear Earth if only America would change its mind. Americas nations plan on releasing a nuclear-walking death machine    on the worlds countries that have the most power at the moment. The year is 1962. All the other countries do not try their luck attacking the U.S. Except for a few countries. China, Europe, the USSR and India. America gave a chance for the powerful countries to sign a confirmation that says to give all their goods to the United States and meet their demands. On the 26th of April the countries refused and America decided to launch their weapon next month when the nuclear tank machine is fully repaired.

Book review

The last book that I read and finished was called Beyond the deep woods, it's about a little human boy when his parents abandoned him and creatures called the Woodtrolls found him and took him with them and raised the boy as their own. When he got older they named him Twig. He had younger brothers who were woodtrolls. This story always seems like a  distopian story. Twig gets lost while he walks down the pathway and he needs to get back to his home without any beasts founding him and he meets friends on the way who help him get home. 

I like the story but most of the words I haven't heard of before really make the story confusing and at some points I even stop reading. I gave a high  star score because of the story getting mor and more interesting . I probably didn't pass the quiz because some of the questions were about the environment and settings and I only focused on the story which I liked but the confusing words and adjectives really make the story less interesting.

One way the book should be improved is to take away all of the hard and confusing words and the story would make more sense. But the book doesn't seem to be for older people so I don't know why they needed more complex words.

Friday, 6 October 2017

Distopian story opening part 2

Beyond the vast hills of Mongolia, there was a huge desert and in the middle of it, was a gigantic city. Almost like  a futuristic city. It was filled with mansions and towers, but most peculiarly, there were dangerous , brown tornados whirling about and around the entire city. They seemed to be everlasting, if it wasn't for one mysterious object. Inside the huge mansion - like palace in the centre, there was a tiny crystal that was held by a golden staff. If any traspassing outsiders were to somehow damage or injure the diamond, all the tornados would stop turning and disappear into fog. Certainly no one could be able to reach the crystal, not even through the sky. Flying over the tornadoes will just simply make them grow taller until you couldn't fly over. Digging down is also NO option, for the hard desert ground around, is so tough that no material can break through. Beyond the vast hills of Mongolia, there is an alien city.......

Distopian story opening

Once, there was a peaceful city in india, called Bankott. But then after thousands of years later, an evil power arose, fierce enough to terrorise the city into extinction. But soon many piece makers turned their backs and fell for the merciless source of evil that was corrupting peaceful Bankott, a huge army of betraying citizens came crashing through the city and were trying to destroy The palace of Bankott! Eventually they succeeded and the evil power claimed the shattered city as its own. They built a huge factory as their base of Operations and built a suspension bridge for any worrisome citizen to cross and either to beg for piece, join the evil force or fight for peace. "Only a fool would clash swords  with the evil force and win!" Say the Bankott citizens that now SERVE Evil........

Friday, 15 September 2017

How to break a dragons heart.

I enjoy reading this adventurous book and I would like to read it again. It has most most entertaining moments in every page and is very creative with using adjectives to describe the story. It has an interesting plot and has a few plot twists in it aswell. I would recommend this book because it stands out from the rest of the books in its collection.

Most of the Characters are introduced as new Characters in the book and are having different personalities in every other book they appear in. The main characters stay the same. Some of the villains are more entertaining to read about somehow. All the villain characters are intimidating.

The story and plot twist about sometimes, like in a plot twist, the story gets muddled up. You don't know who is on what side. The plots are very interesting not like the previous books. The previous books plots are simple and straightforward, THIS book takes a step up.

Thursday, 16 March 2017

Days like these draft 2 g

We used to have a dog in our family called Arrow or spot, I can't really remember because I was really young. We used to have a vase in our house which was filled with nice smelling, tasty treats which were always kept inside. We didn't buy our dog until I was only a few months old. Our old house used to have lots of  tables but in that we bought the new dog, we had a garden which had green stems coming from under ground, it had petals covering it.

The dinner table used to have different patterns on its legs. The whole room had a strange whistling sound whenever the window was open. One day our neighbors cat and dog were arguing about something. My dad thought what if he bought a dog for the family. Then my dad went inside as if something bad was going to happen. I went inside as well and I felt a shiver down my back, I wasn't sure what it was. Inside the house, I saw my big big brother eating something on the table. I couldn't see what it was because the table was too high for me. I could walk and stand, but I couldn't jump yet.  Then my brother ran quickly up to his room. The celeing in our old house wasn't really pleasant to look at. It had black patches covering it and no one ever washed it. And simetimes even black dots were flying around. The moment when dad said he was thinking of buying a new dog, I was confused about what he meant. I am from the burning outside of a pizza on a dinner plate. I thought that my Dad was going to buy a new chair or couch. I am from the pencil that walks across the paper.

Then I found out that my Dad wanted to buy a new pet. Then I thought about if it will be a cat or a dog.  I am from what makes fun of me becomes smaller and weaker. My brother scurried upstairs. I was from the dangerous road of Abbey road. But on one unusual day, our dog went missing. Confused and worried, my dad went upstairs to search for him.   O one knew where he went, so we asked our neighbors and our dog was sleeping in their house, frustrated, our dad told to return the dog.

On the same day, in the evening  I saw different lamps outside turning off, our dog was sleeping in his bed and my brother was sleeping, but I wasnt tired, so my dad went into my room and got my bed   Into the living room and made me fall asleep. My dog was sleeping with a hat that looked like a muslims hat when they go to mosque.

I will always remember this day because it was the day that I bought our dog in a very old house.
I am from my brothers smile.

Monday, 6 March 2017

Days like these.

We used to have a pet dog in our family called Arrow or spot, I can't really remember because I was only a few months old. We also had a vase in our house. It wasn't colourful but it was big. It was only brown because of how old it was. Our table in the kitchen was round and its legs were filled with patterns and different designs. I remember when my neighbors dog and cat were fighting and my dad said to be quiet. Then my dad thought of buying a dog himself. I remember that in my old house I always used to see the letter E everywhere, I don't know why I always used to see that letter but I did.  We used to have a pot which always had some candy or some sweets inside. I never saw the pot empty, it always had something in it. Our windows looked normal but if I looked closely at it, then I would have seen some patterns or decorations. When my dad was going to buy the dog  he was thinking about, my mum said " why not buy it today?" And so he did. My dad went and bought a dog.

We also had some boxes in our shed in our garden.  But one of the boxes was made out of cardboard and it always was left outside for some strange reason. My Dads car was always parked next to our neighbors car. The neighbors pets were always  growling and barking at their owners car. We had loads of cups in our cupboards in our kitchen. There was some string on the kitchen table which no one ever cleaned up which was strange. Anyway, back to our dog. When my dad bought our new dog he said that we are not allowed to tease him, not allowed to tickle him and not allowed to pull him by the tail, which was as black as coal, but our mum exclaimed, " you are espacially not allowed to tease him because that's what our dog will be doing to our neighbors."  But  I wasnt even born when they brought the dog, so only my big brother was alive, but he was really young when we bought the dog. He was as clumsy as a clumsy crab.

Our dog always used to like wearing a type of hat in our house which looked like a hat that a Muslim would wear when they go to mosque. One day, our dog went and ripped up that hat into many tiny pieces. Our dog was really unusual sometimes, he liked drinking out of a cup instead of his bowl, he sometimes dug out huge holes in our garden for no reason, and my mum thought that he found a bone in the hole, but the dog just wanted to rest in the hole.  I remember the time when he had to buy some dogfood for our dog to eat. While my Dad was walking to a busy market,  which was buzzing with noisy voices and sounds, he spotted a stand saying PETS FOOD. My dad decided to have a look, he asked the shopkeeper if there are any dog food, the owner gave my dad a huge heavy bag full of  food for dogs. While I was at home I remembered I saw something crawling on the celeing. I didn't know what it was but I tried to reach it but the celeing was too high up. When my Dad returned home, exhausted, he said that the market was a disaster, too many people, you couldn't move an inch, I saw that when dad came into the room, I saw him go right passed the crawling thing on the celeing.

Our dog was in the kitchen, which was unusual because our dog never used to go into the kitchen. The dog was hiding away some bread in the garden, which was even more unusual. When my dad gave the dog some dog food, the dog didn't eat it. No one knows why. I remember when I heard my neighbors arguing against something, I didn't know what because I couldn't understand when people used to speak. But my dad thought they were arguing about my new dog. Once I crawled into the kitchen, i saw my big brother eating something, then I noticed that crawling thing disappeared. My dog went to sleep straight away.

I never remembered what my dogs name was, but I do remember him being one of my favourite pets, even though I dont remember a lot about him because I was so young, I will still remember the time when we bought him.